Counselling Talking Therapy

aim to ensure

that any help you are looking for

is available when you need it most ...



Therapy by phone with myself can be much the same as one to one face to face counselling. I can provide a helpful space where we can talk about your situation, crisis, thoughts and feeings. Phone sessions may be short term  -  long term  - counselling sessions. Once you book a counselling session with myself there is no commitment for further sessions unless you choose to carry on the work we have managed to do so far.


Like all my other forms of counselling, you can choose to arrange for an initial  phone consultation where we discuss your situation. This initial consultation by phone may ensure that any help you are looking for is available when you need it most. If you choose to take advantage of this initial consultation, there are no commitments from yourself to take this any further.


Whilst my face to face therapy consultations may be accessible, one to one private phone sessions may be easier for you. This applies to many potential clients, particularly where you might want to save time. One of the best aspects of phone counselling with me is that your anonymity can remain as private as you choose.

I feel that phone counselling may be just as helpful as one to one face to face therapy, and in some circumstances maybe even more so. Phone counselling with myself can help some of you who ar unable or less able to attend face to face sessions, to receive the help you need.


Phone counselling is a way of talking to me by telephone, landline or mobile, to discuss your difficulties.


Phone counselling is a helpful way of talking with with me on a date and time that suits you and from a location which you choose.

For further details on how to access Phone counselling or how to book a session with myself, please contact me by either text or phoning 07933 709399,

emailing [email protected] or

by visiting the Contact Me or Booking page on this website.